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Morning Sucks

We wake up, wipe the drool off our face, stretch, grunt, and complain about having to get out of bed.  WOW…we complain daily about waking up.  Hmmmm, I have an idea, how about the option of NOT waking up & you will have no reason to complain.  Yep that’s the answer.  Simply I just wanted to say…..Give what’s due to God each morning & maybe you’ll begin your day with a little more gratitude instead of complaints! 

— 1 year ago
Royal Baby

So is a trend now that we wait 1 month before naming babies.  I’m sure it took forever to come up with the name NORTH WEST. I predict for every celebrity baby that is born from now on, they will make an effort to outdo the most ridiculous name the previously celebrity named their child.  Outlaw this BS!!!

— 1 year ago